soilders lined up doing pull ups on pullup bars
soilders lined up doing pull ups on pullup bars

The pullup is arguably the most difficult of all calisthenic exercises. Unlike the pushup or the squat, a proper pull-up from a dead hang is impossible for those out of shape, and extremely difficult for those who are. If you are unable to do a proper form pullup, it may be a long road to get to your first. If you are able to do at least one rep, hard work, determination, and time are all you need to be able to do more pullups and build muscle.

How To Do A Proper Pullup

Pullups are a common exercise that people use to build muscle or to build strength and endurance. Most gyms have a pullup bar, and it’s common to see people taking advantage of the compound exercise. It’s important to understand how to properly do a pullup before you begin training. Pullups are hard, and training to the point where you are able to do multiple reps and multiple sets takes time. …

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When people first hear about the Brave browser, the first thing they usually ask is “is it worth switching to Brave“?

Reasons You Should Switch To Brave Browser

  • Block malicious scripts and trackers.
  • Load pages 3x-6x faster than Chrome or Firefox.
  • Built-in Torrent client.
  • Private Browsing With Tor (Hide your IP).
  • Chrome compatible.

Brave was founded by the creator of Javascript and former CEO of Mozilla. It’s a project that has been in development since its first release in 2016. Brave now boasts over 10 million users.

Brave operates on the belief that Internet giants should not be getting rich off of selling your user behavior. Ads and scripts are blocked because Brave believes they should not be tracking your behavior and slowing your browser down. …

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If you want to find a domain name these days, you have to come up with something as unique as a celebrity baby name. Many of us have been able to reserve our personal name domains, and some wonder how far they can push a site that uses their own personal name.

The downside to using a personal domain name is: if you want to sell the domain in the future, you are selling your name along with it. …


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