In this way, Goha’s superpower is not only taking back her own time — it’s taking back the time of an entire village
Designing Back Time
Lauren McKown

More time — so critical to innovation in places like Tanzania, but so elusive. Lauren, I am so happy you linked Mwanahaursi Goha’s successful journey with innovation to Melinda Gates wish for the superpower of extra time! There are so many would-be innovators in Tanzania (and everywhere, really) but there is never enough time. Life just gets in the way. My first experience with a an early time-saving prototype (in Tanzania, coincidentally) was a machine for maize threshing created by my fellow secondary school teacher Mwalimu Mgeni. Yes he gained some time, but that time was already borrowed and had to be returned. Classes were often cancelled during the harvest. In this case fewer classes were cancelled. So when to iterate and improve the maize thresher? Building local capacity in innovation and human-centered design is one of the best investments I have seen. I just hope we remember the importance of that extra time.

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