On beautiful, mundane days

A gloomy weather greeted me this morning. I was never a fan of the cold, but this one I didn’t mind.

Gladly went through this morning’s routine — stretching, freestyle dancing, cooking, coffee, putting on Justin Vernon’s hits cause nothing says sweater weather more than Bon Iver tracks. Throw in those personal messages that brightened the rest of my rainy day, the formula for a good day was made.

Today could easily have been nothing sort of different from yesterday — wake up, head to work, go home. It’s easy to go through days treating them like they’re all the same. Routine — root of mundane days, and the death of novelty and creativity, but somehow we act like it’s fine, like that’s how we’re supposed to be living.

You can always choose not to.

Bust out those moves when no one (or everyone) is looking, put some music while driving or commuting to work, smile and greet people genuinely, write a random entry on Medium about your day, treat yourself a beer on a Tuesday night, take Pole-dancing classes, take time to look outside — bask in the sun, or admire the pouring rain.

There’s so many simple things to appreciate and new things to pursue — it’s almost impossible for a single day to be mundane.

Here’s to the mundane days — I hope you find them just as beautiful.

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