The Beatles as a group begin to fall apart in the period where John suddenly abdicates his leadership in 1967/8, he’s looking elsewhere, he’s not so concerned about leading these guys anymore. Imagine any group of people — there is a dynamic within that group of people. When John suddenly began to pay less attention, to look elsewhere, to look to Yoko particularly, a vacuum was formed. Paul stepped up because he felt that he could, and that shifted everything. George and Ringo didn’t want to be there anymore once Paul was thinking he was the leader. So it upset the apple cart.
Birth of The Beatles
Second Home

While the facts may be true, i question the implication that there was cause-effect. I would guess that ALL four of them were growing up, and expanding their minds, and that for a variety of reasons, they were moving in different directions. It’s natural,…take your wings and fly.

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