A week in transit

Why digital nomads shouldn’t travel mid-week

This week was tough! It was awesome in many ways, including relaxing by the McKenzie River, exploring Portland and wine tasting in the Willamette Valley. However, for work it was tough.

A gorgeous view of the northern Willamette Valley from Durant Vineyards

I would not recommend traveling on days you have to work. I had to write transit days off for the most part, but sometimes I could get a few minutes of low-level tasks finished.

My Hubstaff time report for the past week

My work week was broken in half for this leg of my trip, traveling from Central Oregon to the Portland area on Thursday. When I look at my hours, I spent roughly the same amount of time working as I usually do, but that was only accomplished with a lot of scramble and stress. I always felt like I was behind on something at work, even if I wasn’t (you’d be surprised how much you can do in an hour).

My takeaway from this week

Pack and prep on Saturday, travel on Sunday, begin work on Monday. Even if you work virtually.