An experiment in remote work and travel

Wanderlust — An irresistibly strong desire to travel.

In a few days I’m saying goodbye to the Philippines and flying to Seattle, USA to begin a two-month journey across the Pacific Northwest.

GOODBYE (for now) Manila Traffic

Don’t misunderstand; I won’t be hiking across the country to find myself. I’ll be catching up with friends and family, drinking Oregon Pinot Noir, enjoying some tax-free shopping and, yes, hiking and camping.

Hellooooo, beautiful. I can’t wait to see you again

Most importantly, I’ll be doing all of this adventuring while I work.

I’m a remote worker, which means I can work virtually from anywhere I want. In theory.

A tiny origin story

My love story with virtual work began in 2013 with a company called 237 Marketing + Web. We built and managed WordPress websites and marketing efforts (everything from email newsletters to print brochures). My official title was Virtual Content Coordinator, which is still my favorite one even though I’ve been a “Marketing Director” once upon a time.

Today, I work with fabulous clients from around the world from the comforts of my home office. My baseline of tools include a Lenovo laptop, an Internet connection, Hubstaff and Google Drive.

This is what my home office looks like on most days

I’m productive in my home office, but how feasible would it be to make the world my office? Would my work suffer or benefit? Would working habits improve under pressure or completely bust into spastic pieces of panic?

The beginning of the experiment

Digital nomads — Individuals who leverage technology to perform their jobs while conducting a nomadic lifestyle.

Remote work isn’t a new thing. There are completely virtual companies out there who are kicking butt and taking names. Digital nomads aren’t completely new either; there are whole communities of them all over the world — including online.

So, how do they do it? And can I do it, too?

Can I do this?!

Stay tuned to find out as I document my travels, working habits, important lessons and what works best for me as a digital nomad.