Floating pods, productivity and a creeper in Seattle

The next leg of my trip took me to Newcastle and downtown Seattle. I split the past week or so between two old friends and have some stories for you!

First off, my Mondays have been great. I’m surprised at how productive I was in a nice quiet house with a clean desk and ergonomic chair. I stayed with Lexi, a friend from college who works evenings at a hotel in Downtown Seattle. I timed much of my work to coincide with her hours out of the house. Productivity-wise, I would definitely do this again.

I got 6 hours of solid work in and my activity levels were in the 80s — 90s, which means I was pretty much doing work consistently during the time that I logged. I’ve been unintentionally front-loading my weeks, but that’s been working out well. I was in transit today (a Thursday) so I wasn’t able to get that much done.

Lexi and I ate a bunch of good food, took her adorable dog Cody out for walks, and tried out floating therapy at Urban Float!

Here’s a tip if you every try it — do not touch your face! The first time I got in I made the mistake of wiping my eyes, and it burned. So I was spray-bottling my face with fresh water, which did nothing but drench my face and get water in my mouth (those salts taste disgusting and the flavor was burned into my tongue for the rest of the day). I tried to just ignore it, laid back down and it got into my nose and burned even more! Once I took a second shower and dried off my face it was wonderful.

I also spent one weekend with an old friend from high school and we went dancing in downtown Seattle. There was one creeper who would not leave our friend alone, even though she was running around our circle of friends to get away from him. I finally just told him she doesn’t want to talk to him and he said three things; I have a girlfriend, I work for Microsoft (who doesn’t in Seattle?) and I just wanted to talk to her about video games. #creepycreeper #eww

Fun times in Seattle.