18 months in and learning every day

It’s been an exciting 18 months since the launch of Propel Venture Partners and my transition from being a full-time entrepreneur and CEO/operator to a full-time entrepreneur and investor.

In late 2015, my partners Jay and Tom invited me to bring my entrepreneurial chops to a new start up with the opportunity to focus on backing brave founders in the quest to rethink and rebuild financial services. That’s what Propel is all about.

Propel has been moving fast and I’ve been lucky to lead our partnership with founders at five companies during this short period. It’s exciting to see our founders and their teams grow and develop, keep a focus on customers and earn support from new investors in follow-on rounds.

But the most exciting thing for me about venture capital is that every day is a day of learning, and meeting interesting people doing interesting things.

To contribute more to the learning experience and to share more ideas, I’ve committed to start writing regularly. Medium is an easy to use platform that will give me a quick start, but what I really like is the comments section and the ability to engage with readers on new ideas.

Please join me. Let’s share and learn together.