I am more conflicted about the Apple Watch than you are I think.
Josh Adams

I’m certain it has the possibility to become a viable platform; the question is whether battery technology will keep/catch up. It could do so much more with some additional sensors running constantly (and access to them), an always-on screen, etc. It took iPhone and iOS many versions (and plenty of custom hardware) to get to that point, and Apple slowly loosening their hold on APIs to allow it to be really built on. So, I’m bullish, even if I sound like a bear in my post :). My mom is deciding on a “fitness band” right now, but she’s had a heart valve replacement so it’s not going to be an all out high impact regimen that needs to be tracked. My summary was that a Fitbit will do more for fitness, but I think she’d get more day to day usage and enjoyment out of the watch. (In addition, the Watch screen is far more legible to aging eyes it seems.) There’s a fairly wide gulf between folks like us that demand instantaneous, bug-free execution, constant updates and new features, and someone who is happy with their Macbook/iPhone and didn’t even realize they were 3 OS revisions behind.

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