CNA #5

World News

Sad Day In Penguin Land

Sadly 150,000 penguins were trapped under an iceberg of the coast of Antarctica. A giant iceberg fell and trapped an entire penguin colony while it seemed like they were travelling across the snow. The article states that the iceberg that trapped them was 1,120 square miles.

Remember The Days

A couple years ago in 2014 flight 370 that vanished into thin air had another break in the case. A Chinese ship was launched from the coast of Australia to find hopefully a glimpse of what had happened back in 2014. Fox News article states that this will be the fourth attempt to find the missing plane, knowing that there is a high possibility there are no survivors.

Are We Doing Something Wrong?

In Bahrain on Feb. 16 2016 will mark the four America to be arrested providing false information. NBC News article of the week says the Americans were accused of wearing masks and joining in on the riots. The police were saying that some were acting like journalist, and still getting in on illegal activity.