Keeping That Truck In Perfect Condition!

In the popular mechanics magazine they are selling Weathertech. Supplies for individuals who own a pickup truck whether it be those Fords, Dodge, or Toyota these supplies go perfect for any of these trucks. They are trying to sell Seat Protectors for owners who have pets of little kids that could potentially make a mess, All Weather floor mats, Roll up covers for the bed of the truck, and other things your truck may need. Within this advertisement they use the following emotional appeal and USP techniques to get their buyers to buy this product. They use those methods to make the buys want to buy their product simply because it looks beneficial, it would save them a lot of money, and it is a good buy for the truck.

Both emotional appeal and USP are effective in doing what they are suppose to do simply because it’s in our human nature to buy on impulse. Emotionally buying all these things for your truck could have it pros and cons, the cons of buying this kind of seat protector is that maybe in the future you’d like to remodel the interior, it’s going to cost more to remove the seat than it was to obtain the covers. The pros however of buying a seat protector is that if you have pets you won’t be worried about them coming into the truck with their dirty paws or dirty fur. With kids they can come home from soccer or football practice dirty and you won’t have to worry because you can easily remove the seat protector and clean it. This is a great buy because it’s saves you money from buying new seats or constantly getting your interior cleaned and you can mess up the truck and clean it right after at your will. Unique Selling Proposition works well because this type of ad is beneficial to those who have a truck. USP works well due to who it’s targeting which is middle class working men.

The target audiences of this ad are middle class, latino men and Caucasian men because these might be the only two races that acquire these types of vehicles. Why this specific group is because in society lations are always seen in pickup trucks. Whether they use these trucks for work or for their own personal reasons it’s just a classic stereotype about Latino men. Caucasian men use these types of trucks too for ranch duties, often in movies we see a white man with a pickup truck either transporting goods, animals, or using it for personal reasons.

In conclusion, this ad is powerful due to who it’s targeting. Buys won’t be able to refuse this offer because it will benefit them in any way possible. So what if they aren’t interested in this ad what’s the big deal? The idea of advertising these days go hand in hand, the seller makes money and the customer walks away happy. Not purchasing all these for your truck could lead to potential problems in the future like deteriorating seats, the matts of your truck get worn out and dirty, and the floor bed because old and dysfunctional. Overall buying the WeatherTech for your truck is a great thing to do because it won’t just help you save money, but will keep your truck in great conditions throughout the seasons.

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