Rich Folks Got It Easy

Over decades it seems as if rich folks get meaner, less appreciative, and less understanding about what it is like to live a normal life. In Family guy there are a few characters that live that high class lifestyle. Two individuals that play this role are Tom Tucker a news anchor and James Wood a rich washed up actor. The episode starts out with Peter watching the news, and on comes Tom Tucker with his co-anchor Joyce and a sickly kid. His partner then says how she remembers the last time she saw him in a movie was when he played the role of Michael Myers back in the day. Peter was so overwhelmed with joy that he had to go down to the news station to see him in person. Overflowing with joy he kindly asked for an autograph then asks why won’t he go back to Hollywood? Tom speaks a little about his Hollywood days and how glamorous it was but he wasn’t good enough. With the right words peter was able to convince his childhood hero to give Hollywood another shot. Fast forward down the road Peter becomes his agent and Tom gets back into the flow of the Hollywood life. Things are going smoothly for Mr. Tucker then out of the blues James Woods appears. Like all envious people James wanted Peter as his agent. Peter tried dabbling with both but couldn’t keep up with the demands both of them required. Overwhelmed with work Peter ends up leaving Tom Tucker and continued working for James. All rich folks are similar in ways that whatever they want they will stop at nothing until they obtain it.

To start both Tom and James are egotistic individuals, they depend on what the public has to say about them. Tom tends to value his job, knowing that his first job wasn’t a success he values this news job. Even though Mr. Tucker is a hard worker he portrays a character that thinks he is better off than everyone. I recall in multiple episodes where he would showboat about his career achievements, his publicity, and how he makes double of what the average person makes in an hour. Living this type of lifestyle will persuade others to think that you have it easy. Mr. Tucker is always properly dressed, drives a nice car, and his secretaries go out of their way to make sure he is comfortable. Like all rich individuals whenever they commit a wrongful act they let their money clean up their mess. When you have it made like that worrying about feeling is pointless all you have to do is bribe others for forgiveness.

Another character that displays the same notion is James Woods, the only difference is that he is a lot more cocky, disliked by many, and is always in trouble. But like all rich folks when push comes to shove they use their money as a get out of jail free card. James tends to live up to the stereotype that rich people got it easy. Over and over in multiple episodes he is either being accused of something or in deep drama with another character. When the heat gets to him he puts his money where his mouth is. Only rich folks can spend their way out of situations because they don’t know what it is like to handle the heat. Viewers may perceive both of these demographics as class. Folks who live the high class lifestyle definitely got things easy.

In conclusion, I noticed a pattern in all rich individuals. They are cocky, throw their money around, and showboat about their lifestyle. James Woods uses his money to regain others trust, Karen from Will and Grace uses her money as an apology for being late, and Mr. Tucker uses his money to gain popularity. All these traits display the same similarities meaning that no matter the crime you can always use your money to bail you out. So what if your money can bail you out of situations? Having the privilege to throw around money as you please is fun and all but instead of doing what a typical rich person would why not put your money to good use. Why not host fundraisers to show that you care about others, or donate to a local charity. Instead of living up to the stereotypes that rich folks got it easy why not break that mold and make a difference in someone’s life or better yet the community.

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