Trump’s CrackDown On the People

In the two articles I read, both spoke about Trump’s Immigration raid. Just a month after being president Trump had ban travel from seven largely Muslim countries and with this new operation unfolding the public became afraid. The Chicago Tribune spoke about the 48 immigrants who had been arrested in an immigration raid, the tribune also used diction in its headline, “Trump rhetoric has created ‘atmosphere of terror’ for immigrants, advocate says.” In the Daily Herald 33 had been arrested, 15 of those 33 lived illegally in the suburbs. These people who were arrested all committed some type of criminal offense from DUI’s, to sexual abuse without the consent of the victim, to sexual assault all these immigrants had some type of charge against them. Trump is a walking nightmare, from his ban on travel from seven largely Muslim countries to all the immigration raids he won’t stop until America is great again.

The president’s attempt on making this country great again have been questionable. Rumors about the wall and about deportation has struck fear in everyone. The Daily Herald spoke about the 33 arrested including a woman, all criminals and all immigrants. A lot goes in public safety and president Donald Trump asked the department to focus on people “who have violated our immigration laws, with a specific focus on those who pose a threat to public safety, have been charged with criminal offenses, have committed immigration violations or have been deported and re-entered the country illegally.” With his focus on immigrants the numbers will go up because most of these people don’t have a passport. This buries fear within these immigrants and those who are citizens.

Trump is a man on a mission, his plan is to make America great again. In the Chicago Tribune I recall picking on a direct quote from Gabe Gonzalez “What is different is the level of fear, because everyone saw (Trump) for eight months talk about the wall, talk about deporting everybody, talk about getting rid of Muslims … it’s created an atmosphere of terror,” he said. Gabe was the first speaker from this article and from his standpoint he is just going with the flow of things. The perception that readers get from this article is that there is no way to fight what’s going on and the numbers of immigration raids are steadily increasing. Trump is man infused with great power, it is hard to fight fire with fire and there’s so little that immigrants can do. Another quote that stood out in the article was from immigration attorney Alen Takhsh. “My position is that if you are going to target individuals for deportation, it should be individuals who truly do pose a threat to our communities,” This statement stood out the most because a lot of immigrants are being targeted based on their reputation status, their skin color, and where their from. It is wrong for Trump to target these people, there are other criminals out there committing more dangerous crimes. Instead of targeting people who are trying to make it in America target the actual criminals like those who gang bang or sell dope.

In conclusion, Trump’s actions become more and more terrifying by the day. According to him his goal as president is to make America great again. With the ban on travel and the immigration raids what is next? So what if there’s an immigration raid? If you want to make America great again, start by giving the people a voice those who work hard and live from paycheck to paycheck, help out those individuals. Give those who want the opportunity to make it America a chance, the United States of America is a country filled with diversity. Making this country great again doesn’t involve removing people who help make this great country, if this is a country that lives by its words then actions like helping out people in poverty and giving back to the communities all need to be fulfilled.

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