Magical effect of love

Today, when I was traveling to my office in a bus, a thought struck into my mind with the words that encountered my eyes-HEAVY FLOODS in ASSAM. Yes, I got dumbstruck by reading that article because 15 days back, I was in Guwahati for my training.

Guwahati, green plushed area covered with peace and serenity.Its the unexplored part of India which needs people’s as well as government’s attention to ascend it’s tourism economy. Well, not only the place is beautiful but the people there are kind too. They truly follow the “ athiti devo bhava”- a quote in hindu scripture which means guests are equivalent to god. I realised this when I met a female shopkeeper who was selling snacks and tea. A woman in her 50s bestowed her love and compassion for us whom she hardly knew.

One fine evening , I ,along with my friends happened to go to her shop.we ordered 3 cups of tea but she offered us snacks too. She sat with us and tried to get amiable with us by asking us our names and the cities we belonged to. Her gesture of love and little act of care bewitched me and my friends. I decided to meet her every evening once I was back from office. We started paying veritable visits to her shop and got closer to that kind lady. We were really amused to see such a nice and kind hearted person in the crowd of foxes.

Finally the last day of training came and we were about to leave Guwahati the very next morning at 6am. The last evening witnessed a heavy rainfall which impeded our wish to meet the “ chai wali aunty” (as we used to call her) for one last time. I wish she is safe and sound. I wish to meet her again in my life. Such gems are hard to find on this earth who being poor by money are rich by heart and ready to give all that they can.

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