The Ghost of a Place

On This Site by Joel Sternfeld

After she was gone, the phone kept ringing.

The keyboards still clicked.

The smell of coffee and fresh printed paper still remains.

Will the phones ever stop ringing?

911 Operators still said,

“Just stay calm. We need you on the line.”

But that’s what they told Nicole.

Her fear for her life is forever etched into the wooden desks

And recorded in the white computers.

Did they think her fear was an over reaction?

Such a publicly loved man could never be so cruel.

Football player, actor, and public figure,

Her husband was no criminal.

Her cries for help will always be remembered,

A year passes.

Her calls to that desk in Los Angeles have not ceased.

Will the operator ever forget how she died?

When the phones kept ringing,

And when OJ walked away,

Will the operators think it was their fault?

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