Sexism is Hard to Explain
Kel Campbell

And does a woman know what it feels to be a man ? Does she even care about ? I wonder. It seems to be always of question of me, myself and I. There’s lot of injustice all around the world. Why always taking care about ourselves. Let me take another example: I’m a man and I’m white. I spent my childhood in a neighbourhood where being white is being part of a minority. Do you imagine how many times I’ve got people looking at me strangely because of the differences (whatever it is: color, gender, being fat, …). Sometimes a guy got trouble (such as having is face cut by knife just for fun and because he got the wrong color, sometimes worse). But I would never complain about that, this is my cross and I will just try to make things better.

I come from a family where my dad was washing the dishes, cooking, cleaning stuff because he lost his job and can’t get a new one, my mother was working and bringing the money back home. And you know, they did that way because they think themselves as a couple with kid, something I don’t see often from feminists. I really agree that there’s injustice regarding women. But I definitely disagree with the way some women talk about it. Sometimes I have the impression to be guilty just because I’m a man, where women and men should work together.

What about something less metaphoric than a door. I’m french from Paris: four months ago hundreds people have been killed because of terrorism. I currently live in Brussels (Belgium) where four bombs just killed 30 people two days ago. A russian fly from Egypt has been bombed few months ago (two hundred deads). On september 11th 2001, thousands american died because of terrorism. Trump is candidate for the presidency. For the past two decades, each time a republican was president, its foreign politic messed up the Orient leading now to the terrorism having it’s own state in a former region of Irak. What’s next … an embassy ? Do you just wonder if your metaphoric door story is really relevant regarding what is happening ? If you want to struggle for the women cause, there’s plenty of countries where women suffer by far more that just men and doors. Do you care about people starving or may be there’s no more in your country (Personally I ever took care of people in needs)

I would better understood a story about something really rude that happen to you (like something I read a week ago about a black women working at foursquare and the nightmare it was). But because your story is so metaphoric, sorry but I really have the feeling that it’s really egocentric.

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