A Go2 Proposal

Would you consider yourself a novice, intermediate, or experienced Go programmer?

The short answer: Sadly, I am not doing my day to day programming in Go. The long answer: I learned Go in 2009, read most good Go books and have been writing Go for the fun of it. The only programming convention I went to was a Go convention. I watched more Go talks than any other programming language and I keep recommending Go to other programmers. I have been a huge fan of the language, its design and its community for many years. In short, one can argue safely that I have experience with Go.

Unfortunately, most data scientists…

An Experience Report

Background, motivation and significance:

Since a lot of successful cloud software is written in Go, it has a huge potential for solving a very significant problem aptly called “the Infinite Loop of Sadness”[1]. I predict that if Go were to break out into data science, It would enable an extremely powerful synergy that can boost productivity between data scientists, data engineers, operations and business, not unlike what node.js did for full stack development.

The tragedy of my relationship with Go is that I love its design, philosophy and community but don’t use it as a major day to day language because most data scientists…

Raanan Hadar

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