I know Valerie Garcia well.
Melanie Galea

Well, first, I never judged anyone in this particular post. I sought answers.

But second, and this is an honest question here, are you equating hearing bad words with being sexually assaulted? If any of these women were actually groped/assaulted/touched, then yes, I can understand every bit of outrage. Here, as intolerable, unacceptable, and disgusting as the talk was… they were just words. Sure, we need to condemn such talk, but it’s still just talk, no? Aren’t you going just a step too far?

And while I’ve never been a victim of sexual assault, I HAVE been a victim of RACIST assault, getting beat up for being Asian. And of course, I’ve been called chink, gook, egg foo young, ching chong, go the fuck back to China, and the rest of it, for most of my life — and none of those words rose to the same level as getting punched in the face because I’m Asian.

Is it really different for a woman, such that merely hearing bad words is the same as being assaulted?

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