Community Bonding and First Task

The community bonding period has started. I have started talking to my mentors and getting to know my role better. I have joined Wikimedia’s IRC channel to get to know the community better. In open source, all the people are generally very helping. I have witnessed a few technical meetings and learned a thing or two from them.

I wanted to complete at least one task before starting the internship. So I started reading more about slim framework and Wikimedia Slimapp library. Initially, I faced a few problems getting started with the task but my mentor Bryan helped me. And finally, after a few days I was able to submit my first patch for the internship. My happiness knew no bounds when I saw the uploaded patch. It feels amazing to work for Wikimedia.

I have already started working on my next task. Surely, my understanding of the project is growing day by day. Really looking forward to the three months of coding:)

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