New Golf Balls are Available

Based on analysis.

If you are like me, you probably never even stop to look at the golf balls that Costco sells; and these are generally known brand names. You just assume they are probably the lowest level the brand sells. But, Costco has recently introduced it’s Kirkland Signature four piece golf ball, that sells for $30, for a box of two dozen (that’s $15 a box!). So what, you say? Well, these balls are being compared very favorably to high end brands like the Titleist Pro-v1 and the TaylorMade Tour Preferred X, both priced at $40+ for a box of a dozen.

I once swore that I would never buy meat from a warehouse, but now I have to admit that the Costco rack of lamb is the best. And so it might also be with the Kirkland Signature golf ball. As of this writing the Costco website has 89 reviews, the overall rating is five stars and includes glowing comments and comparisons. I also found a promotional video from Costco, and a video from a golfer who tested the Kirkland Signature against several high end golf balls.

Since my game does not depend on the golf ball I use, I don’t buy $40+ golf balls. But at $15 a box, for a ball that maybe as good as a high end ball, it is certainly worth a try.