Watch out for “ Golf ’’Alligators

If you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation, and wonder what your options are, it’s good to know that the rules of golf are your friend. Here in southwest Florida it is not unusual to come face to face with the question, “Do I get relief from an alligator?” Just as common as alligators, are the vicious and very aggressive fire ants. So, for us, this is not an unusual question.

Other parts of the world I am sure have their own unique dangerous situations. So what’s a golfer to do? Well, for one thing, the answer to this question is not covered in the 34 rules of golf, this situation is actually covered in the Decisions Book, decision 1–4/10.

Although the basic answer is pretty simple, you do get relief, how you take relief differs depending on where the dangerous situation finds you. Watch the video by Brad Brewer to learn what your options are when taking relief. By the way a photo was my close encounter with an alligator — a small one yes, but a gator none the less.

Brad Brewer March 13, 2016 presented by Golfers Report in General Golf Stories, Golf Rules.