When delivery is free, will ownership survive?
Seth Miller

I pretty much agree with you that this is the direction things are going but I think the outcome is potentially much more ominous than you do. Consider that we live in a political economy (Capitalism) where capital legally and formally in theory, has all the power in the system. Power is the power to lend money. Its a kind of aristocracy where instead of landowners and tenant farmers there are lenders and people in debt. What you are describing extends this model into all aspects of life. There will be a small class that owns everything and rents it all to everyone else. The entire economy will become a company store where you are forced to work for $10 subscriptions monthly subscriptions to everything on top of the interest payments you make on your debt. And you can never break out of it. Think about it, what you are describing is a private property based system in which all the property is owned by what will look like a small number of Financial firms probably private equity funds. Without distributed outright ownership of stuff, you don't get the distributed freedom that private property can give you. What this all points to is that Capitalism was optimized for scarcity and is breaking down under post-scarcity.

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