Because nostalgia is a hell of a drug — that’s why.

You might make a connection that I fail to see. I have listened to Outkast and Migos back to back and it certainly doesn’t sound the same to me. Again, maybe I am biased. But that said, I still like a number of current R&B artists because a great voice is a great voice and that is timeless. I like Miguel and Frank Ocean among others. So nostalgia alone can’t explain it. Maybe the current trends and fads do not really appeal to me and Migos seems like a fad. Time will tell but I don’t think people will be listening to Migos in 20 years. Perhaps I could find a more successful group to make the comparison to since you correctly note that Outkast is all time great. Like I said in my original post I don’t like most new music, not all new music.

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