The Lost Monarch and its mother described to a blind man

They have been around for a really long time. These are strong pillars that widely spread across land and act as the core foundation of mother Earth. Without them, we are just fictitious characters of the imagination.

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In front of you stands one of the largest trees of the world. It’s called the “Lost Monarch”. It’s magnificent, a sight to marvel at. Standing under this tree, feels like a mother spreading her arms to protect her child from heavy rain. Standing under this tree gives a strong feeling of comfort and protection, a feeling of being surrounded by a huge blanket when standing in the eye of a blizzard.

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When you look above, you will find a multiple number of hand like branches stretching forth and intertwining with each other to create a unique design of unity. This huge blanket is made from leaves that are rough in texture. They are like soldiers at the forefront, fighting the enemies and protecting the family and hence bearing all the soot and grime. Even though rough in texture, they exude a hue that is full of life and freshness. Through the gaps between this blanket, one can see the vast and seemingly limitless expanse of sky. It teaches a lesson you know, to never stop hoping until you find that gap which guides you to that limitless expanse of sky.

On touching the tree, you can very well know how old, scarred and exhausted it is. The folds and the irregularities yet again show that the tree has been here for so long. It speaks of its existence, its knowledge and its experience. Here, try hugging it. Perhaps after all the cutting down of trees and the neglect that it feels after all the rumors spreading around in the tree world that trees are no more important, a hug would possibly brighten the “Lost Monarch’s” day.

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Now that you’ve hugged the tree, just bend down a little and feel its core. It’s where all the knowledge is stored. It’s similar to our brain, filled with complex connections. Connections not only with self, but with other trees and with the ground that it belongs to. It’s where all the knowledge is stored, like a safe bank, filled with an immense amount of memories. You too are a part of the safe bank now, you are a memory too. 
 Do you hear that? It’s the tree community having a conference. They are probably talking about us, hence the hushed tones, just like children whispering into each other’s ears. Isn’t it amazing and intimidating to be a tiny speck standing beneath this gigantic tree and being discussed about?

A tree is a child of nature, born from within mother Earth’s womb. It is the smell of the old and rustic which surrounds the tree, that instantly connects one with nature. It is the smell of age, of growth, of decay. Yet, it brings with it a smell of freshness when drops of water drench the clothing of this tree. 
 Isn’t this creation one of a kind? Yet we abuse it. With trees like this, with so much to give, all we do is disconnect the connections.

Let’s rebuild these connections, shall we? Image Courtesy: