Second March 2016 — Laugh, Career and Pride

Another great day is ending with lot of happiness and learning. It was a great sunny day, but a bit chilly too. Today my little one year old taught me how to forget all worries and tensions and laugh out loud. After breakfast he was playing with his toys, and then he suddenly looked at me, opened his mouth wide and laughed at me. It was so cute and funny, I also started laughing with him. We laughed and played for a long time. It made my day. We adults always forget to laugh, we are always thinking and running something behind our minds — like how to finish my project, how to dress up for party, what to cook for dinner, how to make money etc. All our days wind up with polite smiles to others and less laughs. Laugh more whenever you get an opportunity, if you don’t get an opportunity, create one. A day passed in your life can never be gained, hence make sure there is something to laugh and enjoy in your everyday.

Later I spoke to my aunt. She is a retired teacher, and still don’t miss a chance for teaching (kidding). She is a person with lot of knowledge and wisdom. You always leave with lot of wise advice and good feeling after a conversation with her. Today when I spoke to her she told me about how we should see our motherhood and career and how we should handle our lives. She told me, kids learn to adjust and understand more in life when their Moms are working. They learn to respect other individuals and their decisions. They will grow up knowing that life is sharing of joys, sorrows and off course responsibilities. They will learn to take responsibilities in life. When you have financial difficulties you end up bringing lot of negative thoughts into your life. Worry always bring lot of other problems, and it can even affect good relations. Another reason is when you sacrifice too much for your child, you will later tend to put that sacrifices in the form of emotional blackmail on your kids. So make sure you think about yourself too.Its important for a great family life. Women is the pillar of a family, only if that women is strong, confident and happy about herself she can make her family happy. Hence make sure you give importance to yourself and your dreams too. This was the first time my aunt spoke to me so openly, most of the times it used to be general advises. Thanks to her, I felt really good and positive after talking to her.

After lunch, I thought of taking my son to a new neighbor. I met her in a birthday party and came to know that she stays very near to us. I thought she is a naive and innocent person. She has two kids, hence I took my son there to play with them. This was the first time I went to her house. The person I saw there surprised me. She was sitting and coding in PHP, creating a new application from the scratch for a school. I was so dumbfounded, but at the same time I felt shame on myself for judging her too fast on the day of party. You have to keep your mind open to understand others, if you keep it closed and narrow you will end up with lot of false assumptions about others. She is smart, simple and a nice person, who even offered to teach me. I left her house thinking how wrong and immature I was. It taught me a great lesson in life. Never be too proud of yourself and never think others are ignorant or unimpressive.

There is a lot to learn in your life once you keep your mind open. Hence keep your eyes and mind open for good.

“Life is queer with its twist and its turns,

As everyone of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about
When they might have won, had stuck it out.
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow,
You may succeed with another blow.”

-Anonymous (from )