I Live in Channel 32

Hey there :) My name is Mar and I live in ch. 32.

To give you some background, this is year 2050 and things are a little different around here than they used to be. Way back in 2016 something called Augmented Reality had only just surfaced as a utility within society. At the time, they only used AR for things like entertainment or games, little did they know how influential it would become.

As AR advanced in breadth and accuracy, societies began to experience a reorganization and reinterpretation of identified “place.” This new technology soon mixed so thoroughly into the physical world that disillusionment and disordered experience of place became prevalent in communities around the world.

Great minds from everywhere came together and decided to build a more organized system where people experienced the world through the lens of their personalized, schematic data. These lenses came to be known as “channels.”

In summary,

  1. more advanced augmented realities lead to
  2. reorganized and reinterpreted physical-place-identification or landmarks, and as a result,
  3. people experience disorder and disillusionment in their experience of cities…
  4. so, a system of experiencing the world through “channelled realities” emerges.

Questions surrounding a system like this:

I’d like to design an experience that allows viewers to understand the lives of future-dwellers who live within alternative filters or channels. Below are four potential ideas:

  1. Design a service that plays out differently in different channels even though physical boundaries remain constant.
  2. Design a website portraying the changing behaviors of an individual as he/she lives within and flips out of certain channels.
  3. Illustrate a scene that encompasses different visual filters representing the channel system.
  4. Design a deck of cards that contains different examples across four channels and ask players to match certain channels together.