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While I do agree with some parts of this article, I think its unreasonable to blame Bernie Sanders on why Hillary Clinton lost, his “Bernie or Bust” supporters I feel, are more of a reason to blame. A lot of them switched to either Trump or third party after he didn’t win in the primaries. And in primaries, it completely normal to attack your opponent. Bernie also understood why it was important that Hillary should get elected instead of Trump, he campaigned with her and urged his voters to vote for her instead.

I voted for Hillary during the primaries and during the general election, and I was devastated and heartbroken when she lost. The 10,000 year long struggle of women was supposed to come to an end election day, but it didn't. Blaming a single thing isn’t going to be the answer to why she lost this election-it was a combination of many things (Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, sexists, racists, anti-establishment people, etc). We need to stop blaming each other and work together to ensure this never happens again.