Art Fair Philippines is a platform for selling and exhibiting artworks particularly in contemporary Philippine visual art, this art fair aims to support Filipino artists. Art Fair Philippines 2016 allows people who are art enthusiasts to see different visual arts and even those who just want to try, see or experience the feels of going into an art fair and seeing various artworks from different artists and places.

Art Fair Philippines 2016

We went to Art Fair Philippines 2016 in The Link, Makati near the malls (Glorietta, Greenbelt, Landmark) on a Saturday afternoon and I am overwhelmed with the number of people going in and out the art fair. There are lots of people in the art fair, the place actually look and feels so small because of the number of people that makes it hard to roam around and look at all the artworks or check all the galleries. There are 40 galleries in the place, 20 on the sixth floor (first floor of the art exhibit) and another 20 on the seventh floor (second floor) which does not include the special exhibitions by various artists.

Among the 40 galleries, there is one that caught my attention while I’m roaming around and since it did caught my attention I immediately look at all the artworks exhibited in that gallery despite of the large number of people looking and taking photos in that gallery.

Gallery No. 28 “Arndt”

This gallery has twelve artworks by different artists who are Rodel Tapaya, Alfredo Esquillo, Nona Garcia, Tatong Torres, Manuel Ocampo, Pow Martinez, Ian Fabro and Geraldine Javier. These artworks are mostly painting made out of oil on burlap, acrylic on paper, oil on paper, oil on canvas and acrylic on canvas, and there are other works that are not paintings and one of these is the one made out of pen and ink on paper collage, staple wires and pins.

These are the artworks that can be found in Arndt (Galler number 28, seventh floor).

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Good Morning Song
Let’s stop and talk awhile
Comprehensible Only To A Few Initiates
Hearing Faces and Pale Rider
where I am younger than the world, I become the Wild
Proposal for National Dog of the Philippines

These artworks based on how I perceive them does not give any collective message though they are all or mostly made out of collages which portrays “arndt”. In contrast, all of the artworks in this gallery has images of persons and animals.

Exploring the whole place, you will see not only the forty galleries, you will also see special exhibits of various artists like Alfredo and Isobel Aquilizan, Mark Justiniani, Martha Atienza, Nona Garcia, Mark Salvatus and others. Among these special exhibitions that I was able to witness, those of Mark Justiniani and Mark Salvatus were the ones who really caught my attention and made me feel engage. Aside from the fact that they have the same name, their artworks were way different from each other. Mark Justiniani’s artworks are so amazing and it will surely make you wonder how he was able to make it like it was something as optical illusion or such because of the mirrors that makes it look realistic and awesome. On the other hand, Mark Salvatus’ work is pretty simple compared to Justiniani’s work thought it will allow you to be part of making the artwork by simply shading or recording the imprints of the coin you have on the special paper provide; there are tables, papers and pencils there that you can use in playing a role in making the art piece.

Artworks in Mark Justiniani’s Special Exhibition on Art Fair Philippines 2016

Mark Justiniani’s work are something that you won’t usually find in art fairs or museums or places that displays artworks. The usual artworks you’ll see are paintings, photographs and sculpture and this kind of artwork that Justiniani did is neither one of them. It is very amazing and very engaging in a way that you’ll get to ask yourself how was it done, is it for real, and other questions out of amusement. The artwork and how it is done and exhibited in the art fair is pretty unique for me.

Artworks in Mark Justiniani’s Special Exhibition on Art Fair Philippines 2016
Mark Justiniani, one of the artists with Special Exhibition in Art Fair Philippines 2016

On the other hand, Mark Salvatus’ work as is simple but it will somehow catch your attention in my opinion and it is engaging in a way that it allows you take part in making the artwork as I have said. It allows you to record the imprint of the coin into a thin soft paper using an ordinary pencil and tape it anywhere you want in the wall full of other people’s work. It let’s people contribute in an art work in a simple way that every one can do and you won’t even think that it will be an artwork. It will leave you or give you the question, how does it become an art given that you’ll just have the imprint of the coin in a paper and post it in the wall.

Mark Salvatus’ Artwork in his Special Exhibition on Art Fair Philippines 2016
It’s Mine!

The event is really amazing it will let you witness art in its various forms whether through the usual artworks like paintings and such or those that are not so usual like the one made by Justiniani and the others would even let you feel and experience art or the artwork itself. After the art fair, you or I would say I learned and realized different things like artworks as what is always taught in class is not only shown or not limited to paintings and drawings it can also be executed and done in other forms. It also let you grow as a person who does not really into artsy things and does not know how artworks are being appreciated, it will surely amaze you and make you feel like an artist or something like that, the same as what happened to me.

The art fair was held in a place that is somehow hot outside but it gets better when you enter the area where the galleries and exhibits are. It so good that it caters everyone and you can do other things other than look at the artworks, you can eat and you can drink while on the art fair that makes it more classy tho. At first, I expect that there would only be few people in the place but when we got there the line is somehow long and the place is almost full that makes it hard to get to see the artworks and roam around as what I have said above. Though all in all, it is very enjoyable and the experience is a memorable one but if I were to suggest something it could be to have the art fair in a larger area that would be able to fit large number of people without getting the feeling of a place that is too crowded and hard to move or roam around.

Random photos in the art fair
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