Heneral Luna Critique Paper

General Luna’s biography serves as an eye opener to each and every one of us. It enlightened us what happened on the past, which other Filipinos didn’t know how General Luna sacrifice himself to our Mother Land. He serves as an inspiration to us to fight what is ours, to own what we owe to own, and most of all, to love which we came from. It teaches us to live without depending on other country, to live with freedom because he believes that Filipinos are not silly. He believes that Filipinos has its own identity which other country doesn’t have. This movie also show how Filipinos value their parents, how family are very important to us. Even we commit mistake, they are the first person who will understand us. They are the person that will never leave us behind. They are our number one supporter in every dream we wanted to reach. “There is no other place like home,” that’s the message that I have learned in the movie.

This film was really engaged the viewers because of its modern motif. They also add some funny scenes that can relate to every viewer. I think that was their strategy to get the attention of people who watched/will watched the movie. It was a historical movie yet they used simple Filipino words instead of using deep Filipino words. The actors are really amazing because they gave life which they are portraying to and I can’t wait to watch the sequel of this movie. For sure, this will make another history that will mark on Filipino movies and on our country.

The “function of art” being fulfilled by the film are: 1. Reflects customs related to food, shelter, and human reproduction. 2. Communicates thoughts, ideas, and emotions. 3. Serves and commemorates the dead. 4. Records the likenesses of individuals and their environment. 4. Is a means for protest political and social injustice. 5. Glorifies the power of the state and its rulers. 6. Celebrates war and conquest, and sometimes peace. 7. Educate us about ourselves. 8. Assists us in rituals that promote our spiritual or physical well-being, and: 9. It entertains us.

I realized that it was really hard to live before. War is everywhere and we don’t know if we will still wake up and see the sun rising. But in case of General Luna, dying for our own country is a big privilege to do. We fight to be free. We need to fight to show other countries that we can do the same. We need to prove that we don’t deserve to be colonized because he believes that Filipinos are more intelligent than others. Sad to say, we are lack of unity. Instead of fighting with other country, we fight to our fellow Filipinos. Some of them are so blind to see what General Luna fighting for. Some of them didn’t know that we are being colonized slowly by others because we are being convinced by their flowering words. Some of them are afraid because they didn’t want get involve with war. They didn’t want to suffer and die. That’s why we lose the war. We lost our country.

For me, Joven Hernandez, Jr. serves as an eye opener to us. He emphasized how General Luna sacrificed his life to possess our freedom. He wants us to fight for our Mother Land. He wants us to be like General Luna. Even if he is only a fictional character in the movie, he opened our minds to the selfishness of strangers.

“Artikulo Uno: Ang hindi sumunod sa utos ng punong Heneral ay tatanggalan ng ranggo at ipapapatay ng walang paglilitis ng hukumang militar,” one of famous line that was truly remarks the movie. Come to think of it; do we still need to be fool by someone before we make act on it? Do we still need to be threatened before we sacrifice ourselves? Then, its true that “nagpapaalipin tayo sa sarili nating bayan.” And our biggest enemy? ” May mas malaki tayong kalaban sa mga Amerikano–ang ating sarili.” How long we will be fooled by strangers? When we will wake up to our own stupidity? Until when?

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