9 Timely Takeaways from the EU Circular Economy Action Plan

In 2020, the European Commission released a “Circular Economy Action Plan — for a cleaner and more competitive Europe”. Here’s what U.S. organizations should draw from it.

Mar 18 · 5 min read
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In 2015, the European Commission adopted a Circular Economy Action Plan that outlines specific measures to help European nations transition to a circular economy, promote collaboration, and generate sustainable growth in the EU economic sphere. Since then, the Action Plan has been updated with current measures to encourage sustainable production and supply chain practices, and address issues in resource-intensive sectors with high circularity potentials such as: electronics, batteries and vehicles, packaging, plastics, textiles, construction, and food production. Most importantly, the Action Plan highlights the EU’s unwavering commitment to supporting its member nations’ transition from linear to circular economies, and demonstrates its sustainability leadership in the global arena.

With our focus on scaling the circular economy, Rheaply is glad to see global leaders take concrete and measurable action on this front. Changing and redefining governmental and business practices can be extremely challenging; the transition to a global circular economy therefore requires collective effort from regional, national, local, and individual levels.

To save you time from reading the 26-page report, we’re providing you a birds-eye view of the plan by highlighting our 9 main takeaways with direct quotes. All of the following messages are relevant and can be applied to the US and other global economic regions:

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Rheaply is scaling the circular economy with digital technology

At Rheaply, in line with the measures highlighted in the EU Circular Economy Action Plan, we believe in the potential of technology to scale the circular economy.

Rheaply’s Asset Exchange Manager is driving visibility and utilization of surplus assets and resources on a modernized platform, increasing reuse remanufacturing of resources across business operations.

By scaling globally, Rheaply can serve as a pillar of any zero waste and circular economy strategy, increase the efficiency of operational budgets of any organization, and connect communities to the world of underutilized, shareable or unwanted assets. Join us in our effort to make sure important resources find a new home again.


The Rheaply Team

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