Did you hear it?

Did you hear the way my heart beats?

Did you know?

Did you know that I love being with you?

You may not notice every little thing

but I love your entire being.

You may not see what I saw within you,

all I wanted to say is I love you

and I`m lucky having you.

You were my teacher about love,

I dont think you know that.

You let me experienced everything I now have,

And I thank you for that.

You were never funny,

but you gave me reasons to laugh and stay happy.

You`re sweet,

everyone knows it.

You never fail to let me stay in love with you.

I must say it`s great.

It is something to be called new,

for me who knows nothing but myself.

I`ll send my love to you by air.

Please wait, it`ll get there.

I hope you`ll feel me

sitting next to you.

Don`t worry, I`ll stay

and watch over you.

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