Sobs, Sniffles and Smiles

Sobs Sniffles and Smiles…..

Confidence is something which she wears everyday. Her designer accessories and dresses could make heads turn. When she walked with those stilettos, she never stumbled. When music hits her, she sways like breeze on the dance floor with wide eyed spectators marvelling at the moves. Her Instagram profile was flooded with pictures of hers in candid moments and panache personified dresses. The comments in the posts were loaded with rebuke and acidic hurls. She was trolled for every picture she posted, every dress she wore, every video she published. Well, she has grown up with that hatred. That never mattered to her. What mattered to her was her vision, her goal. And here she is today. She has received the greatest honor, the coveted award of the ‘The social worker of the year’ with a grand amount of prize money. She has got this award for rescuing thousands of children from child traffickers. All of these children are receiving proper education now, a comfortable and safe home environment along with good food and health care facilities. Today she has 50 kids accompanying her to the award ceremony here in Boston, USA.

When interviewed by the press, Tanaya, the 15 year old grade 10 student said, ‘Had it not been for her, I would not have been standing here, happy with life. She rescued me from the monsters, adopted me, gave me a home. Someone rightly said, God cannot be everywhere, so He made moms. Yes, she is my Mom. I love her. We all love her. She deserves this award. Not just this. She also deserves the award for the best human being under the sun.’

When it was turn for the award winner to say something, she called all the 50 kids on the stage and said with a warm smile and moist eyes, ‘I was reproached from the day I was born. The society hated me. I was told I will be alone all my life. I never believed them. I did the right thing by not believing them. Being a ‘transgender’ is not a curse. Whoever said that a transgender can never have children was utterly wrong. Look at my children.’ Saying that, she knelt down, all her kids came and hugged her tight. The audience stood up and the venue resonated with thundering applause amidst sobs, sniffles and smiles.