The Accidental Best 14 Years of My Life
Brendan Marks

As Noah’s mom, I thank you for everything you did for Noah. Sleepaway camp was an integral part of shaping Noah and making him the person he is today. At the end of every summer he came home a different person, in a good way. While all the counselors told me what a model camper Noah was, you were the one he always glowed about.

He wasn’t/isn’t into sports, and definitely had eating issues (he’s surprisingly better now), but he never felt left out or bullied by anyone. He was/is a small kid (he’s 16 now), but it was never a problem. He never viewed his size as something that prevented him from doing anything. He had interests, and that’s how he spent his time.

He looked forward to camp every year (and I looked forward to seeing you three times during the summer — at drop off, visiting day, and pick up). This year he is a counselor, and you have no idea how much his father and I appreciated you writing his reference to attach to his job application. It meant a lot to us, but especially to Noah.

Thank BMARKS for all the time and effort you gave Noah, as well as being a great friend to him. I wish you well with your writing. You will make an awesome journalist!

Robin (Noah’s mom)

PS: Noah still does love his PB&J, but happy to report it’s only part of his growing repertiore…