I’m Nostalgic to Be an American

I have been trying to come to terms with how I feel as an American. Over the 4th, instead of feeling the sense of patriotism that I usually feel while celebrating, it was more of a nostalgia of how I used to feel.

I never particularly loved or hated any past president. There were things with which I agreed, and things with which I disagreed. But overall with the presidents of my “pre/adult life” before now (which granted are only Bush, and Obama), I didn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed because they were treated with respect internally and externally, and acted in ways that garnered such respect. I took pride that our nation was looked on by others with admiration. We were world leaders.

There were times where we overstepped our bounds, and times where our leadership did stupid things, but overall we were seen as strong and united.

How have things changed so much in the past year? I am suddenly super involved with keeping up with politics, I’m finding it harder to not judge a talking head just because they have a (R) or (D) by their name. I had traditionally been pretty moderate. I never liked the 2-party system, so I tried to stay out of it and focus on the issues. I used to even lean conservative. But I have recently been pulled more and more toward the liberal side, mainly because I want to be as disassociated from Trump as possible.

He is a laughing stock of the world, which was further demonstrated at the G20 summit. There are fewer and fewer world leaders that actually respect him. In fact, most countries (including the US), look toward Merkel for world leadership. (http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2017/07/05/on-world-affairs-most-g20-countries-more-confident-in-merkel-than-trump/).

I am ashamed to wake up in the morning and see what our Commander in Chief has blasted on twitter. He has all-but created a state-sponsored media by loudly crying fake news to entire networks that don’t agree with him, and promoting those that do….even though all news networks make false claims, and the ones he calls fake news more often than not are more truthful than the ones he doesn’t call out (http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/article/2015/jan/29/punditfact-checks-cable-news-channels/ — Thats an article from 2015, but you can check updated fact-checking at http://www.politifact.com/punditfact/).

The recent tweet he sent out of him body slamming CNN was particularly embarrassing. He basically has declared war against a news station. I’m no fan of CNN (especially with how they all-but threatened the creator of the at gif, which was disgusting), but that is still insane. It is barely something a celebrity should get away with, let alone the president of the United States.

He bullies, he name-calls, he lies, he is a giant narcissist, he is living in a state of constant doublethink and he doesn’t care about you or me. He makes me completely and utterly ashamed to call myself an American. I feel like if I go to another country, I’d have to introduce myself as “I’m an American, but don’t support Donald Trump.” I don’t want that association on my name.

Supporters might say “Well, look at the good things he’s done, stop focusing on the bad.” I will admit, there are a few good things he has done. The recent ceasefire in Syria is good, he withdrew from the TPP, and he hasn’t crashed the economy. But the very few good things are deeply buried by the type of character he is. I would have a hard time reconciling his character even if he were doing amazing things for the country.

I was listening to America the Beautiful over the 4th weekend and imagery from the lyrics and the actions of the current administration couldn’t mesh at all in my mind.

So for now, I guess I’ll just have to be nostalgic to be an American