Rey is a Palpatine
J. Kenji López-Alt

Isn’t it possible she could be both a Palpatine and a Skywalker? All you need to do is steal Mara Jade from the Legends continuity and tweak her character a bit. Luke meets and converts a former follower of Palpatine, and they fall in love and have a child (Rey). This love interest of Luke’s(they probably wouldn’t keep the name Mara) just happens to be the daughter or grand-daughter of Palpatine. This would create an exceptionally strong, but possibly volatile child, given such strong force lineages of both light and darkness, even more so than Ben Solo. I feel like it would make Luke more inclined to have Han watch her, as she is his daughter, as well as send her away. Also, there is precedent for stealing and altering characters from Legends, such as Ben Solo, who’s similarity to Jacen Solo is undeniable. Just some idle thought, but thanks for the post! I really hope this theory is true!

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