When you are in a ‘three-year-long crisis,’ as a professional will say

Somebody hit my car. I don’t know if it’s driveable. Just to get it out of the tow yard, it cost me $293, leaving me with just $228.


The financial crisis is here and homelessness happened after I was terminated without reason by rural Utah’s Chronicle Progress, though, as an associate told me, I did “professional journalism” and alt-right areas have rejected it.

My car has my box of food, which I only got because of a food bank. A homeless person probably stole an EBT card just granted, according to the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

I am in serious pain.

My car had previously been stolen and the police didn’t tell me they found it, so I had to pay $580 due to accruing fees at another yard. Then I had to pay all-new for another car because the other died just two months and three weeks after I had to pay $332 so it could flat-out run, the first time, after needing to pay entirely up front for it just a week prior.

Outside of Utah, employment went fine! In rather alt-right Wyoming, I may have been threatened, but employment went fine! And nothing like that happened when I was in Montana in 2014!

I have worked in the other areas because I have wanted to be near my sweet Ashtyn and Luke, 5 & 3, who are in Saratoga Springs, Utah. It’s why I left Wyoming!

I have learned that there is immense emotional & psychological toll through losing nine jobs in just three years, a period of time that made a therapist say that I was in a “three-year-long crisis.”

I have continuously been looking for work.

My car was in the yard because I was told that my driver’s license was not valid, even though I confirmed twice that the doctor sent a letter weeks ago, before the deadline, allowing me to continue to drive. I was also cited even though I was in the turn lane. (The officer in general was hostile, being verbally abusive and threatening. I have already filed a complaint.)

This is aside from the emotional & psychological toll of having to represent myself in court over custody of my own children! (Utah Legal Services said that they could not help because the case was “multi-faceted,” though the Utah Courts Self-Help Center said that isn’t usually a reason!)

I will also need resources to contest the citations in court during the accident. That’s aside from the continued custody battle, which the judge has brought back to a starting stage.

And I haven’t even been able to challenge a judge’s decision on my discrimination case with the Daily Herald, or that a judge convicted me of going 70 miles per hour when the cop in his own courtroom said I was going 64! (We got to a hearing stage because I was saying that I was in a 55 MPH zone, though even by the cop’s standard, I was OK, as it was a 65 MPH zone!)

Many of you know I write. I overwhelmingly do that for free.

Of course, my family refused to help — my parents are not even calling me their son anymore.

It’s just a coincidence that it follows Giving Tuesday. The crash happened just Monday.

I need help to survive. Please help me.