The feels…

Seriously, I feel bad nowadays…

There are so many unresolved issues, from work to home. I really don’t know what to think anymore. I feel demoralized because of the people, who continue to bash one another and have the audacity to pick a fight. Seriously, I’m having a heart attack.

But I really have to face one of the biggest obstacle and that was, talking to my neighbor who has the authority over this issue. I wouldn’t want to approach her but I swallowed my pride and seemed ‘kissed her ass’. But what can I do? That’s the only solution to the problem.

Anyways, I did not lose my dignity. I just humbled myself to face the uncertainty, to never distrust the Lord and myself. I know I can face them. I’m just so surprised and appalled why I chickened out.

It’s about time to face them. It’s now or never. I think I will be facing my biggest challenge: to patiently reach my goals. I just hope that in the end, I would be able to accomplish it on time. This is not only for me, but for my family. And I really hope that I could get the most out of it.

Hayayayayayay… How I wish I planned and executed everything from the beginning. Eh di sana, tapos na.

Anyways, ang pagsisisi ay nasa huli.


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