There are many ways I am thinking about how I want to frame what I have to say and how I want to…
Guy Fawkes

You read the article selectively. We are not separating ourselves from the wider Bitcoin community. The evening the photo was taken, the whole group spent the second half of the evening at a mixed blockchain event. All the women but one were also at the Ethereum meetup last night. This would not have happened if they hadn’t come to our group first. We are an outreach group, a complement to the wider meetups rather than competition for them. The intention is to welcome women into the wider community, not to provide a “safe space”.

90 per cent of the meetups I go to are mixed and as I’ve stated over and over, I want other women to be able to come along to them and appreciate the warm welcome they will be given. You’ve misinterpreted my comments completely. My (quoted) comment about Bitcoin being dominated by males was purely in the context that women would not see other women there and feel it was something that might interest them.

My comments through the whole article about men in the blockchain space was entirely positive — and I linked to a couple of articles purely to show the kind of negative coverage OTHER PEOPLE are writing, and which may put people off.

I mainly blog about Bitcoin and related cryptocurrency developments, not about diversity, etc. This is my first post about the group I run. I doubt I will be posting about it again. But I’m not going to apologise for getting women interested in blockchain tech and encouraging them to go to the (mixed gender) Coinscrum and Ethereum events.

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