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First, it was boy wizards. Then vampires, especially teenage ones. Werewolves had a bit of a resurgence for a time, and then there was kink brought to a wider audience of bored housewives who devoured it like nothing else. There were books about codes hidden in religious texts or artistic masterpieces, teen heroes chosen to save the world from a dystopian reality game, and on and on and on.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last twenty years, you’ll recognise these examples as major trends that have swept through the world of publishing and movies. …

Excuses are not your friend

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When should you write a book?

When you retire and finally have time to focus on the story?

When you’ve graduated from school and got a stable job, and you can work on it at the weekends?

When the market changes?

When you’ve completed every single writing course on the internet?

When you’ve finally read every classic from the '100 Books to Read Before You Die' list?

When you’re old enough to be taken seriously?

When a mysterious industry gatekeeper grants you permission?

All of these potential answers are, as you may have guessed from…

If you aren’t learning, you aren’t serving your business

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A lot of space on sites like Medium is dedicated to the art of running a business — either offering advice, or sharing personal experiences within this realm.

If you’re here already, that’s a good thing. It means that you are probably open to learning new things about business, and how to succeed.

What I offer here is a mixture of both things: advice twinned with personal experience. I will explain why my business should have failed by now, but hasn’t. It’s because I focus on learning above all things.

The Business


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Thank you for reading Fall From Grace if you have got this far (or if you’re popping into this post randomly, hi!). You probably noticed that I haven’t posted a new update on Fall From Grace in a while. It’s not because I failed to write more chapters — actually, I have roughly 70,000 words already written and waiting to be shared, haha. In fact, it’s just that I didn’t see much of a response here on Medium — compared to the response I’ve seen for short stories and factual pieces, serialised fiction doesn’t seem to do to well here.

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In total, I’ve been working from home full-time for six years — nearly seven. I also spent an additional year and a half, somewhere in the middle, working in an office during the week and retaining my freelance business at weekends (and after work, and before work, and during lunch breaks).

All of this is to say that I’ve done a lot of working from home. In fact, I’ve spent much more time here than I have working in an office or in other traditional workspaces. …

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There was a mixtape in the tape deck of his car.

There being a tape at all was unusual enough. It was hardly 1976 anymore, and yet there the tape deck was, right where it had been since the car was built. Inspector Waters had never much cared for upgrades. It wasn’t broken — well, not right now it wasn’t, though it’d had its fair share — so why fix it?

But there were two further facts that eluded his understanding. They were:

  1. He had not put the tape into the tape deck; and
  2. He had not made, nor received…

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The ingredients were simple. A whole stick of butter, to be consumed as you wished.

Some women would just eat the whole thing, forcing themselves to grimace past the greasy, fatty, overpowering taste. Bite into it like it was a cake instead of just a stick of butter. Ignore the sickness that came over them almost immediately, and the thoughts of wider hips.

Some, like Macey, were more balanced. A whole stick of butter had to be eaten, but that did not mean you could not hide it in other things. …

Chapter One — Will

Unlocking the door to your new home for the first time is supposed to be exciting. I guess it was the jet-lag, but I couldn’t even force myself to smile as we walked in. Not even for Ram’s sake.

We crashed in hungover and out of it, the sparkling wine and whisky of the plane no longer seeming like such a good idea. I chose a bedroom and dragged my suitcases inside. It felt good to no longer have all of my worldly possessions attached to my person. …

A female hand reaches for a bowl of chilli sitting on a white dishcloth. A red Le Crueset pan sits nearby
A female hand reaches for a bowl of chilli sitting on a white dishcloth. A red Le Crueset pan sits nearby
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There are many things a witch can do with a good recipe.

Alanna had always loved the fact that she was born a fire witch. The days of dancing naked around the fire — though it was, as a practice, wildly freeing — were long since over. Through centuries, the skill had been finessed, handed down through generations, to become a fine art that needed only the heat of a cooking flame.

She consulted the recipe book — her mother’s grimoire, altered now with additions in her own neat hand, and a few new recipes of her own devising. Unlike…

Write Now

How this writer generates 8,000 words per day in multiple genres.

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Write Now provides a glimpse into how different people write for a living. Today's edition features Rhiannon D'Averc, crime author and editor of London Runway.

Who are you?

I’m Rhiannon D’Averc. I’m an author, Chief Editor of London Runway, and a freelance copywriter.

Specifically, I’m the author of Boy Under Water — Dennis Nilsen: The True Story of a Serial Killer, a narrative non-fiction book. I’m also about to release the first book in a new fiction series — Bloodless: Serial Investigations 1.

What do you write?

Just about everything! I write in a wide range of genres, often at the request of clients. I tend to…

Rhiannon D'Averc

Writer of 50+ published books. My crime fiction series is Serial Investigations. I mentor authors from rough idea to bestseller —

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