Rhiti Sports boosting sporting prospects in the country

A person associated with Rhiti Sports stated that even though Indians love cricket more than any other sport but the viewership of football and hockey has also increased considerably in India. This clearly shows the scope of other sports in India. But everyone doesn’t get an equal chance of realizing his/her dreams.

Every individual deserves an equal chance of representing his/her country. However, many youngsters are not able to enjoy this chance due to lack of facilities in remote areas. Considering these limitations, Rhiti Sports has taken an initiative of uplifting the standard of sports in the country.

Rhiti Sports has not only provided sports facilities to youth, but has also provided scholarships to them to continue their journey in a field of their choice. The renowned sports management company has given proper exposure to them by organizing different tournaments in different cities.The efforts of Rhiti Sports’ have reaped instant rewards as a lot of players who were facilitated by the company, have been selected to play at different levels in domestic circuit.

Budding cricketers like Ankush Bains and Himanshu Rana are playing in famous tournaments like Ranji Trophy for their respective states through the steps taken by Rhiti Sports.

Rhiti Sports has ensured that the natural talent of these players is not wasted.They are continuously taking further steps to facilitate youngsters to represent their country or respective states.The company is not only playing its part in uplifting cricket players but it is also associated with football and hockey. Their main aim is to contribute in evolving every kind of sport and boost the overall sporting prospects in the country. With steps like these, one can expect a thorough change in the fortunes of present and new generation.

Rhiti Sports believes in raising the standards of sports in both rural and urban areas. India is emerging as a developing country and to continue this emergence, we will need to give attention to every aspect including sports.

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