Apathetic College Students Miss Opportunities

There is nearly a month left of my freshman year of college, and I feel as if I am already an expert in “the college life.” I do not mean I am nearly finished with partying, greek life involvement, club experience, or drinking frenzies. I mean to explain how my academic experience and observations of other student’s experiences has affected the whole scope of college.

I have noticed throughout my time studying at The University of Akron to become a chemical engineer that there are polar differences between the attitudes of people in my classes. Of course every class has people who love to wake up early in the day to get to class and others who don’t, but I want to talk about the students, if not all the students in college, that do not put all their effort into what they can accomplish. I am dumbfounded that there are so many students in any major, heavy course load or not, that do not put their “110% effort” into their work.

I understand that people have different morals and goals for the activities and choices that come along with life, but I really cannot grasp the fact the people will choose to play a video game for 100 hours in a week instead of study for an additional hour one day a week. I guess the realization that future college loans payments are not that far off. Even if someone is trying to do their best and is giving their all, why do they choose to ruin it by waiting until the last day to do something? College is not difficult even with the most stringent of majors crushing people sometimes. It’s the lack of work people put into their studies that builds up to a catastrophic downfall.

Our culture has this idea that there should only be a maximum of around eight hours of work in a day and then the rest is for either sleeping or for alone time. If someone needs to study and has time other places, why take time to put 100 hours into a video game when you can practice more to become smarter and wiser in your craft. Life only gets difficult and does not slow down so why would anyone make it harder? Put in the work now. Make the sacrifices now. Be the person you want to be when you grow up NOW. There will be a better life down the road for you, your family, and your children if you work to the maximum effort you can in everything you do.

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