I don’t quite agree with the storytelling side of the introverts.
Seye Alabi

I took his meaning more broadly, as in writing or crafting plot. I often catch a glimpse of interaction between people & often try to fill in the story & then the backstory. You notice the details & the “tells” and try to create a story for yourself that makes sense of it all.

And many actors are introverts, they wear a character like a mask to hide their real selves from public scrutiny.

While no actor, I’m a pretty good presenter, even though I’m extremely introverted. But my public persona, my “on stage” persona, irritates my wife because it’s nothing like who I really am. She says it’s like being in A foreign country & suddenly hearing perfect King English coming out people’s mouths. It just seems like such a mismatch.

Of course I have to get myself worked up to do a presentation & I’m toast for a week afterwards.

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