R. H. McLean
Jun 1, 2019 · 2 min read

For those of you who are following my journey through online business options, I apologize for this interruption. Today I was explaining about how threatening a person’s worldview is frequently met with irrational rationalization and anger.

When I finished, I realized that the story I used to bring the point home will have application here as well.

For those of you unaware, Socrates was put on trial and sentenced to death for his pursuit of truth. His student, Aristotle told a story which I will paraphrase:

“There was a community of prisoners shackled in a cave where their only view of their captors was the panorama of shadows cast upon the cave wall by the campfire light. Their view of the outside world was, therefore only two-dimensional, shifting shadows without color. One of the prisoners escaped and went to the mouth of the cave only to see a very different world. He was compelled to share his discovery with those still shackled in the cave. When he did, they did what people always do in that situation, they killed him.”

Thus, Aristotle spoke against those who sentenced his mentor and rationalized the atrocity for himself. It is said that the sentence Socrates received was to poison himself.

So, why am I bringing this up now?

It is because you are likely thinking of making a change. You wonder if there is gold among the dross. You wonder if you can do any of these businesses. You have left the crowd to view the front of the cave.

You know that the people that are comfortable with the old you will not react well to you making this change. I am making you aware of why.

Let me tell you a little bit about how I work with people. Everyone creates their own model of reality within which they have learned to function. As humans, we can’t understand all of reality so we have to simplify it into our world view. When a person dies, the world they created dies, too. An entire universe ceases to exist.

But, while the person is alive, they defend their world view, sometimes with anger and even violence. Those in power when Socrates challenged the status quo had learned to manipulate power and authority to their advantage within the prevailing world view. It was for threatening their fulcrum that Socrates was eliminated.

So, as I am considering this change, I know that socializing it among family, friends and especially coworkers will be met with resistance if not hostility. Imagine someone realizing that they could have made the same change if they could just change their world view enough for it to be possible. Such a challenge would be met with what people do in that situation.

However, I learned something amazing this week; there is a way to change to a person’s world view without creating confrontation, but I’ll leave “the story” for another time.