How I grew my LinkedIn from 50 to 364 connections in less than 6 months.

First things first — Numbers don’t matter.

But it’s always exciting meeting more people who are passionate and interested in the same things you are. Never sacrifice the quantity of people you know for the quality of the people.

I’m trying to be completely honest with this and help people out. That’s why I am not advertising the fact that I’ve gotten to 500+ but a more tangible number for the tender entrepreneurial spirit.

But I’m aiming for 500+ by the end of 2017, so if you’d like to help me on this journey, please do.

Granted this was during my first year at UCLA where there is a plethora of ways to get involved and motivated, I hope my suggestions can benefit you.

So I sat down the other night and wrote down 8 tips I think are really valuable:

Present Yourself

You have to present yourself in a meaningful and open way. This doesn’t start in LinkedIn, this is on any social media and especially in real life.

How do people perceive you and why?

Specifically for LinkedIn this means a few things. Always make sure everything is meaningful, your profile picture, your likes, your posts, and your experience.

I chose to have my LinkedIn photo without a suit and tie and me with a big smile to emphasize my friendly and ready-to-learn attitude. (plus the silver hair to show I’m artsy as heck)


Being at UCLA this wasn’t hard at all. There was literally three events almost every night. Most of the time I would go to all three. But it’s all in where your priorities lie. The most helpful resource was Facebook Events to find new things to do but all my friends hated the spam of me pressing interested.

If you aren’t in a major university or don’t live in a major metropolitan area I suggest looking up your area on services like Meetup, Eventbrite and still Facebook Events. Being home for the summer, I found it hard to find events till I started looking at these options.

These don’t have to be professional events. Just go and have fun! Go to concerts with your friends and challenge yourself you meet one new person. Go to a cooking class and meet aspiring photographers in your area. Go to an underground Sofar concert and meet your local hipsters who want to start a new kombucha brick-and-mortar.

Facebook Groups

I’ve recently just been getting into these. Especially with UCLAMFSAT

But seriously, if you hate leaving your dorm/house or talking to people in real life. Join FB groups you are interested in!

For Entrepreneurship, Tech and Design some I joined are:

But there are groups for EVERYTHING.

Join Organizations

This is kind of college specific. But join clubs and organizations!

Plugging yourself into a community and contributing helps you meet amazing people.

If you don’t have the club or org at school that you want — you should start it.

Being one year at UCLA I’m already involved in around 5–6 campus organizations that I love. I look up to a lot of the people I’ve met through them and am ready to contribute.

Emailing/Messaging 📬

This one is hard and something I’ve recently been learning how to do.

Cold emailing is tough and I’ve been reading a lot of ways and asking my friends how to do it better.

Mainly, find people on LinkedIn or on other platforms and shoot them a message (For me it’s Behance and Dribble). If you want to be more professional try searching for their email and writing something short and sweet.

Have Fun 🎉

This is overarching.

If you do all these and aren’t having fun at the same time you won’t be meeting that many people and more importantly you won’t be enjoying this.

Always choose events and organizations that you are passionate about — this makes talking to other people easier and you will enjoy learning from others.

Stay relaxed when you go to things and message people you are interested in learning about!

Learn to Love People 💕


I constantly get asked — “Rohan how do you know so many people”

and its simple, I love getting to know people. Life is so unique to each individual so I want to maximize the lives I get to meet. It is so interesting to me when I learn about what other people are passionate about.

If you can adjust your mindset to actually being interested in what other’s have to say it will go a long way.

I have never focused on meeting more people just for the sake of knowing everyone. My focus has always been to learn more about each and every person I encounter because I truly find it fascinating.

Thanks! 😋