So you are looking for Photography?!

Hi my name is Rohan! You came to this article somehow, whether your friend texted it to you or you saw it on my social media. Nevertheless, welcome here I will answer your questions!

I am sorry I don’t currently have a “Photography website” but I try to think of myself as much more than just a photographer so my website will have to wait…

I am an incoming second-year at UCLA and I love all things creative.

I book Photography ranging from Events, Concerts to Portraiture.

This summer I am looking to book from June-Sept. (Don’t worry UCLA starts Sept 23 so I’ll be here)

First Question: Why should I choose you?

  • I’ve been taking photos professionally the past three years and I’ve fallen in love with the art. Especially portraiture.
  • I charge lower than “professional” services and I spend quality time editing your photos.
  • If its senior photos or graduation photos — I am your age… what’s weirder than some old middle-age man telling you how to pose.
  • I don’t pose, I direct. This makes your photos turn out more authentic and natural (I love candids). Plus we will have a lot of fun!

Second Question: How much do you charge and how will I receive my pictures?

Pricing is different depending on the circumstance:

Senior Portraits:

I charge $125 for a single session and usually end up handing my clients 25–30 photos. (Most people charge 150–300 and only give 10–20 photos)

This package includes:

  • 1 general location (but we move around a lot)
  • 2 outfits (recommend casual and dressy)
  • 1.5 hour with me! (usually doesn’t take longer)
  • 25–30 photos (This ensures each photo is unique and they don’t feel repetitive)


NO I don’t print, sorry :(

Graduation Photos:

Hey UCLA grads! (or USC…) I charge $70/person when the group is 4 or less. Sorry, I hate shooting only one person for these kinds of photos.

This package includes:

  • The usual Royce-Jans-Bear (let me know if you want something else)
  • 2 hours with me! (usually doesn’t take longer)
  • 50–80 photos (This ensures each photo is unique and they don’t feel repetitive)
  • 10–20 individual photos of you! (wow you do both at the same time?!)



These are always weird… so talk to me about prices.

Usually includes:

  • Best 15–20 photos of the event are significantly edited.
  • Around 100 photos/hour I usually try to look through all the photos and only give you the good stuff so.. I think??
Let me know if you have other questions & to see my availability!

Phone: (586) 909–0092


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