The Pressure Stack

It’s been three years since I started on my investing and trading journey. I don’t come from a background where investing was discussed in the house so I’ve had to learn on my own. What brought me to the stock market is what I refer to as the pressure stack. As I’m about to talk about the stack I wonder how many can relate…

Going back further than three years ago I came to a realization that financially I was living the same year over and over again. Yes, it’s was like the movie Groundhog Day with Bill Murray. Each year would come and I was no more better prepared for birthdays, holidays, car maintenance, or taxes then the year before. You would think that since some of the events don’t change dates that I would have been smart enough to plan for them but I didn’t. Needless, to say I came to the realization that things needed to change. They needed to change because I desired more for my family. That desire was the pressure stack that was building daily.

Looking back now I realize that with every role I have and each desire to fulfill them as best I could the pressure was building. My desire to be a good husband creates pressure. My desire to be a good employee creates pressure. My desire to be a good father creates pressure. My desire to be a good friend creates pressure. I think we all have pressure in our lives to perform and be and do Day in and day out. What do these things have to do with money you may wonder? Well money is the tool through which we can achieve and resolve a lot of things through.

If I woke up to one million dollars in my account tomorrow I could change a lot of things not just for me but for those that I love as well. I assume you could as well. I’m not making the case that money is the most important thing. No, money isn’t the most important, time is and I recognized that before and as I started my own business that only sucked up more time. It wasn’t a business but rather a part-time job where I was the owner, manager, and employee. As the employee I didn’t want to work after work and would have to convince the manager that it was ok for me not to work. That would be followed by the owner in me wondering why no money was coming in. Yeah I knew there’s no money because I wasn’t working. The point of the business was to increase my wealth but it wasn’t. It only created more pressure as time was sucked out from the free time I had before.

As you can imagine the pressure is mounting even more now…

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