Who (or what) is Rho AI?

And, why should you work here?

Rho AI was founded in 2012 by a small team of entrepreneurs, data scientists, and engineers. We set out to develop custom software for professional motorsports to predict an optimal race strategy (our initial concept also turned out to be effective in optimizing line-ups for fantasy teams, but we left that behind). Since then, our real-time strategy recommendations have factored heavily into multiple victories and we are proud to count Richard Childress Racing, Hendrick Motorsports, and General Motors as some of our partners.

Much of the founding team came from the venture-backed startup world and understand the benefits and disadvantages of that model, therefore, it’s relevant to note that we have been an entirely self-funded startup from day 1. As a bootstrapped organization, we maintain massive flexibility and control over the projects we work on, and the people we work with. We can also focus less on short-term decision making and more on creating long-term value and impact in our work.

Over the last 7 years, I am delighted to say that we have grown steadily, with a commitment to addressing real-world problems. Today, Rho AI’s products are used in a remarkable range of industries, including healthcare, finance, sports, waste, water, climate change, and energy. In addition to building products (e.g. Pit Rho and Document AI), we provide data science and software engineering services & consulting to a variety of partners.

At Rho AI, we live by a culture that focuses on good people and good projects — and we mean it. We are 100% remote (that’s right), which genuinely requires a culture built on high expectations, trust, and engaged co-workers. We work together and learn from one another while constantly striving to make a positive impact.

Ultimately, I am trying to convince you to work with us! To that end, here are some of the reasons our team says they love working at Rho AI:

I love working at Rho AI because it allows me to work on cool projects with cool people. It challenges me every day to learn new things, drive change and help others through technology. — Alejandro
Working at Rho AI gives me almost unlimited flexibility with my work schedule, and exposes me to a variety of interesting projects requiring a range of techniques (e.g. linear regression to deep learning). We have a great team, and freedom to solve problems with latest-and-greatest technologies and techniques. No writing A/B tests every day of your life here! — Kevin

We are hiring and would love to hear from you!


by Gilman Callsen • @gcallsen • Founder & CTO of Rho AI