5 Degrees, 9045 Feet

While my time on the plains was fun, I am elated to be in the mountains. I’m currently parked at a trailhead in the White River National Forest just outside of Frisco, CO. It is pretty cold but I am in bliss.

Long drive today through Iowa, Nebraska, and Colorado (trip total has surpassed 2000 miles). Particularly western Nebraska. That part of the drive was brutal. Flat ground, heavy headwind and crosswind, and lots of agriculture. But upon entering Colorado the presence of rolling hills and a beautiful sunset instantly justified it.

The sunset out in eastern Colorado. It looked better in person, trust me.

The long drive was this time facilitated with season two of Serial. I have to say, I like season two better than season one. I also listened to a playlist supplied to me by my friend Leibo. If anyone else has any playlist they would like to share with me, please send it over to me on Google Play Music.

After a burger in West Denver ( some sort of Denver Smashburger like chain, it was OK), I decided to push into the mountains. The night is crystal clear and there is a near full moon. The views outside are aussergewohnlich (~extraordinary) as my Swiss cousin would say.

I could only spend about twenty minutes taking in the sights until my fingers and toes demanded I recede into my toasty bag. I preheated with a Growler filled with hot water supplies by a gas station in town. That growler is now keeping my peanut butter pliable for making lunch tomorrow. Looking forward to reheating that water and drinking some Gevalia coffee in the morning.

I’ll update tomorrow with the skiing review.