ICO Live Stars: Crowdsdale Revolutionary Webcam Platform

September 21, 2017 started the pre-Live Stars — webcams platform of a new generation, developed on the basis of blocking technology.

Webcams industry first appeared and began to develop actively in the US and according to statistics, today about 10% of US residents have tried themselves as models of video chat with sexual content. In our country, until recently, such a business did not have such popularity, due to the lack of information and appropriate platforms for the occupation of this business. Today the situation has changed, since many girls and even guys have already had time to evaluate all the advantages of such a profit. This is easy money that everyone can earn without making special efforts.

Thus, in Russia and other CIS countries, specialized platforms in the field of web-cam industry began to appear, but many of them were imperfect and did not take into account the needs and market conditions. Now we can safely say that the industry is developed so that there are new opportunities for creating a new generation platform, which is effectively developing and daily gaining momentum.

Live Stars is the revolution of the web cam industry, which occurs right before your very eyes. This is a platform of a fundamentally new generation, based on progressive blocking technology. For the first time this term appeared with the appearance of the Bitcoin crypto currency in the market and became the name of a distributed database, and also defined any transactions with kroptovalyutami. Today, detachment is becoming more and more widely used and is used, including, and web-kam industries

The main goal of our project is to create an efficient automated system that would have the most transparent structure and various advantages for users that would distinguish our project from similar projects of competitors. We face a number of rather difficult tasks:

providing anonymity to all users, without exception;
to eliminate high commissions that have to pay models on other resources;
improve the security system;
To exclude the participation of intermediaries in the relationship of the model and its client.
Having achieved these goals, we plan to create a fundamentally new platform, which will be advantageous to differ from all that existed before. To achieve the same goals, we will use the latest software and our own experience and deep knowledge in the field of model business and the web-cam industry.

When there is a demand, proposals will certainly appear. Today, the adult web industry is in demand more than ever, and therefore the one who first takes a niche in the existing segment will benefit. This is a very lucrative business with considerable development prospects, but also many factors that prevent the industry from developing harmoniously.

The main goal of our project is to create an efficient automated system that would have the most transparent structure and various advantages for users that would distinguish our project from similar projects of competitors.

We face a number of rather difficult tasks:

  • Providing anonymity to all users, without exception;
  • To eliminate high commissions that have to pay models on other resources;
  • Improve the security system;
  • To exclude the participation of intermediaries in the relationship of the model and its client.

Having achieved these goals, we plan to create a fundamentally new platform, which will be advantageous to differ from all that existed before. To achieve the same goals, we will use the latest software and our own experience and deep knowledge in the field of model business and the web-cam industry.

When there is a demand, proposals will certainly appear. Today, the adult web industry is in demand more than ever, and therefore the one who first takes a niche in the existing segment will benefit. This is a very lucrative business with considerable development prospects, but also many factors that prevent the industry from developing harmoniously.

What is Live Stars?

Live Stars for today is one of the most progressive and productive platforms, which brings together all the advanced technologies and experience. Analogues of this resource can not be found either in our country or in foreign countries. At the heart of success is almost complete automation of many processes, which are based on a fundamentally new business model. Business logic Live Stars uses effective smart contacts in order to provide a comfortable interface between the user, the platform itself and models.

The main advantages of the platform are as follows:

  • Complete absence of intermediaries;
  • Anonymity of users;
  • A new progressive security system;
  • Encryption of all data and their safe storage;
  • A substantially larger percentage of earnings for models;
  • Absence of restrictions in the existing financial segment;
  • High technology streaming, which excludes the use of servers;
  • Open source;
  • Transparency and honesty as the basic ideology, etc.

How is the web cam industry? Problems and ways to solve them.

Before talking about certain problems, which, of course, there are in the industry web-sites, as in any other business, it is worthwhile to understand how, in fact, everything here is arranged. To date, there are indisputable industry leaders, namely:

  • ImLive;
  • BongaCams;
  • LiveJasmin;
  • Chaturbate and some other, not so extensive projects.

Having studied in detail all the subtleties, advantages and disadvantages of these platforms, it can be confidently asserted that in the modern market these resources are quite outdated, and no longer such an effective business model. All these resources share one thing — they have a number of problems, which after extensive study was very easy to identify. Such an outdated business model has the following participants:

  • The site itself or a platform that provides users with open access to model translations.
  • Users who are interested in receiving these services.
  • Models associated with contractual obligations in relation to a particular platform.
  • Affiliates or partners of the platform, whose work is mainly to attract more and more new customers.

Almost every platform concludes a model with a model, in which all conditions of cooperation are established. In addition, the responsibility of the platform as a legal entity is to ensure effective web traffic and work in accordance with the license agreement by all parties in the process.

One of the main problems nowadays is the great staff, which ensures the cooperation of the platform. As a rule, teams have several departments, each running its own function, which is not very important:

  • Acceptance of payments;
  • Verification of each transaction;
  • Verification of all models;
  • Payment of wages to models;
  • Moderation;
  • Technical support;
  • Marketing and promotion, etc.

The problems that exist in the webcam industry and the ways to effectively solve them.

We have already dealt with the basic principles that the modern web cam industry is working on, and now let’s move on to a more detailed examination of each of the problems that exist in this industry. Such problems have accumulated a lot, but Live Stars already has effective solutions to these problems, and therefore this platform is considered one of the best and most progressive.

The Most Powerful Features of Live Stars Platform

Problem number 1. Lack of confidentiality and anonymity.

Each currently existing webcam platform has its own database, which, as a rule, stores all information about those users who are registered inside the system.

Such a database contains the following information:

  • The names and surnames that were indicated when making purchases;
  • Geolocation;
  • IP-addresses;
  • Scans of documents of some users;
  • Detailed information from credit cards, etc.

Among other things, any information about certain actions that the user made in the system is reflected in his account and these data are also not protected in any way and are actually public. Here and the amount of replenishment of the account, and the duration of the chats, and the amount of funds listed by a particular model. And that is not all! All private correspondence, although codified in the form of logs, but if any controversial moment or conflict arises, the administration is available to conduct “own investigation”.

In the event that a user includes a webcam on his computer using the popular Cam to Cam option, all communication in the video chat goes directly through the servers of the system. What does this mean? That any system administrator or another employee working on the platform can access the viewing of this video. Also the system is able to associate repeated registrations and perform any other actions with your personal data. Not only is this somewhat contrary to the letter of the current legislation, but in general it is not very pleasant in this, is it?

All of the above information is stored and monitored by the platform staff and no one will give you any assurance that the data is properly encrypted, can not be made public or deleted at the request of the user or after a certain period of time.

The solution of the problem proposed by Live Stars

In the opinion of our team, anonymity and complete data security are those categories in which platform users should be completely confident. Only in such conditions a normal person can completely relax and receive all the services of a webcam for adults, without fear that they are being peeked.

The purchase of services occurs solely on the terms of payment by crypto currency, and therefore we do not need personal or personal data of the user. In this case, the user can buy a crypto currency on any third-party resource, thus protecting all information about transactions from the personnel of our platform or other undesirable persons. Next, to use the services of models on the platform of Live Stars, the user will need to buy the “local” currency of the LIVE token for the available crypto currency. To make this convenient, the site will host a special “exchanger” with conversion at the current exchange rate. If you need to pay crypto currency with phiatic means, you need to provide the user with the opportunity to switch to a third-party resource, with a detailed and understandable instruction on how to complete the transactions.

Private video chat rooms will be transferred from user to user in encrypted form, without the presence of intermediaries. This became possible thanks to the use of open source in the project, for example WebRTC.

Problem number 2. Payment errors.

Since it is often enough to buy crypto or pay for certain services, the platform redirects the user to third-party services, often there are problems with payment and payments. The cumbersome payment mechanism can also cause other problems when the money is returned to user accounts or even disappears in an unknown direction and it is not possible to track them. Enrollment to the internal account can also be severely delayed, which will violate all your plans.

The solution of the problem proposed by Live Stars

As already mentioned, all operations on payment for services within the Live Stars platform are carried out exclusively in the crypto currency, which greatly simplifies all mechanisms, excludes the use of third-party services and the intervention of platform personnel in user transactions.

Problem number 3. Low payment for the model.

Only on high-level webcam platforms, the model can calculate a salary of 40–50% of the amount that visitors pay for the service. In other less developed sources, and therefore requires a large investment, you can earn even less, up to 20%. In addition, the interest rate originally stated by the organizers may not match what the model will accept in reality. This can be imposed by the system as a percentage for currency conversion, as well as other hidden payments, which causes a fair feeling of dissatisfaction between girls working in the system. With the amount of “interest” you have to pay, do not forget to add commissions to internet banks and electronic wallets. Summarizing all these payments, you can get a very silly percentage of the platforms and revenue models, which can cause quite understandable dissatisfaction.

The solution of the problem posed by Live Stars

In the Live Stars system introduces the latest automation technology, which allows us to eliminate certain departments, without other sources unable to work. This gives us the opportunity to offer a cash prize model of about 70% of the amount that the client pays, which is significantly more than anyone else can offer.

Problem number 4. High threshold of minimum payments, delayed payments and other problems with withdrawal of funds.

Most modern webcam platforms offer a minimum threshold for the models that can be displayed on their wallet and then exchanged for crypto-currencies. Typically, this threshold is at least $ 50. Moreover, the payments are made by the specialized department on a certain day of the week, and therefore often the models have to wait for the desired hour, to get the earned money. Due to the fact that all payments are made manually, often models face payment delays and other problems that require the intervention of the administration of the web-based platform. Often the administration requires models of identity documents from the models, which is in fact a violation of the current legislation.

How to fix Live Stars problem ?

Live Stars is a fundamentally new platform that offers models the most comfortable and profitable withdrawal terms. The absence of a minimum amount for withdrawal to the purse and full automation of the process of charging fees allow you to pay at any convenient time, without a minimum threshold for withdrawal of funds and in the absence of a human factor. Thus, funds from the personal account of the model are available in any amount and at the right time.

Problem number 5. Lack of direct access to payment settings.

Usually, not one model can set up certain options related to the algorithm for calculating all payments in the framework of work on the platform. To solve any problems associated with transactions in the wallet of the model, it is necessary to provide documents to the special department and wait for the proceedings and make a verdict.

How to fix Live Stars problem ?

On the Live Stars platform, by default, there are no settings that restrict payments. Moreover, we offer you an automated system of accruals and payments, which allows us to reduce the number of specialists involved to a minimum. It is the automation of many processes that allows us to offer models only the most favorable conditions.

Problem number 6. Opaque rating of working on platform models.

Until now, no one knows the algorithm by which many web-sites of the platform form TOPs of their resources. This sometimes causes a storm of discontent among the models, because the earnings of each girl directly depends on the place in the TOP platform. There are various conflict situations that require the intervention of the site administration.

How to fix Live Stars problem ?

We create the first intuitively accessible to each rating of our platform, which is absolutely transparent and does not depend on the action of a person. The lack of a human factor allows us to create impartial and objective ratings of models, which is another of our prerogatives, which became possible thanks to an open source code.

Competitor comparison

Tokens LIVE: personal currencies Live Stars and crowdsdale

Today fundraising and the first issue of our own crypto currency have already started. Funds collected from the sale of LIVE tokens will be used to advertise a new project, develop the latest progressive software, fund marketing programs, etc. LIVE Tokens will be a unique crypto currency, which the user will be able to pay for any services in the system.

You can deposit your funds during the Presale program using the ETH currency. At the same time, your contract address will be announced on the official website livestars.io and all tokens will be credited to personal accounts instantly, without delays and delays.

According to the idea of the project developers, in total more than 200 million units of the Live Stars crypto currency will be issued — the “LIVE” token.

ICO will be held in two stages:

  1. Presale (September 2017)
    During the presale stage, 20 million LIVE will be sold. 1 LIVE cost = $0.05
    (1/4 of the price during the second round)
    Hard Cap — $1,000,000
    All tokens not sold during presale will be available during ICO.
  2. ICO (November — December 2017)
    120 million LIVE will be sold during ICO
    Hard Cap — $24,000,000
    1 LIVE cost = $0.2
    Tokens not sold during ICO will be frozen and non transferrable until the end of 2019.

Distribution of tokens

  • 10% will be available for participants during the presale stage
  • 60% will be available for participants during the second round of the crowdsale
  • 14% will be allocated to the Live Stars fund
  • 14% the team will receive as a bonus
  • 2% will be allocated to bounty campaigns

Distribution of Funds

  • Software development
    30% of the funds will be allocated to the main group of Live Stars developers for financing the creation of the initial prototype and after that creation of all the necessary improvements in order to obtain a fully working version. It includes the costs of independent safety audits.
  • Marketing
    60% of the funds will be allocated to marketing, attraction and engagements of the models and users to the existing Live Stars platform.
  • Legal
    10% of the funds will be allocated to the development of solid legal basis for the Live Stars platform.

Live Stars Roadmap

Effective leaders of Live Stars

The secret of the success of our program, which many did not believe, is, first of all, the skill and professionalism of our team members. To achieve the results, we have collected a small, but very effective team of professionals. The drains of the project and the current main state have 4 unconditional leaders:

The greater productivity of the project is for you:

  • Alexander Kansky. A participant in many international large-scale projects, a leading programmer who occupies the position of Senior Software Engineer in Live Stars. He was directly involved in the development of one of the most effective webcam platforms as the creator of its architecture. He has been working in this business since 1999 and has extensive experience working on the creation of automated web cam platforms.
  • Martin Heidenberg. The project manager, who holds a high-level position as head of the marketing department. Has a prestigious education in the field of information technology and extensive experience in managing large projects.
  • Oleg Kurov. Leading specialist in the creation and administration of highly loaded systems. The programmer of the project.
  • Linda Gabrane. Financier. Project manager on all matters relating to finance. He has extensive experience in banking and is responsible for the business analysis and distribution of financial flows in the project.

It is thanks to the well-coordinated teamwork of these specialists that today it has been possible to create web cams a platform of a new generation that has no analogues. If there is a need and at the request of the administration of the resource, third-party specialists of high qualification in the field of design, marketing or programming will be involved in the work on the project.


As part of a small sociological survey, our leading experts conducted a survey of models and users, and are ready to share with you the results of their research.

Models were asked, basically, what exactly they do not like on the currently existing resources. Among the shortcomings of the most in-demand web-cam resources were named:

  • High commissions;
  • High minimum threshold of payments;
  • Lack of confidentiality and data processing;
  • Long waiting for payments;
  • Questionable security, etc.

Similar questions were asked to users. This category of participants in the system noted that it hurt that most of the funds were not transferred to models, but directly to the platform owners. In addition, often enough users complain about the quality of service in general, delays and poor-quality service. They also doubt full confidentiality and security.

All the wishes of the participants of the system have been taken into account and we are ready to work today. Many processes were automated, which would significantly reduce the budget, designed to pay salaries of a large staff and pay models more than other resources offer.

Information for users

Some Terms and Conditions

This material is informative and informative in nature and does not call for the sale and purchase of any shares or securities under the Live Stars platform and does not call for such activity in any case.

First of all, it is worth noting that the possession of the crypto currency of our platform does not imply ownership for the holder or any other proprietary rights. Acquisition of tokens, among other things, does not give their owner the right to personally directly participate in matters relating to the development of the platform, business, etc. However, feedback and personal opinion of the holders of tokens can and should be taken into account when making such decisions and it is important enough to improve the service.

You can use the acquired crypto currency exclusively to pay for goods and services under the Live Stars platform.

Absence of guarantees of profit or other income

All documents that are given are of a general nature and represent the averaged indicators that occur in the industry. This does not mean that each user, according to the marketing plan, can be guaranteed to achieve similar results.

Normative bases of the project

All without exception, innovative technologies based on blockage are subject to the strictest control by many bodies from around the world. Thus, Live tokens can fall under one of the existing queries of these monitoring programs or immediately under several. However, this does not affect the possibility of using tokens inside the platform, but may in the future limit functionality or become the reason for buying out crypto currency from users.

LIVE tokens and investments

The internal crypto currency of the Live Stars platform is not an official currency and has no legal force, nor is it an investment subject. Everyone who buys the tokens of our platform takes on all the risks that can arise in the event of unforeseen force majeure circumstances. The objectives that have been set out above, under similar circumstances, may be somewhat modified.

Risk of loss of funds invested in the project

All funds are not subject to insurance, and there are no representatives of insurance companies, to which in case of failure the user could apply for claims. Users should know that due to various circumstances the Live Stars project may not succeed, that’s why it’s worth understanding that Live tokens are a new and not fully tested technology, and therefore there can be various unforeseen moments. The risks described above and the additional risks that can not be predicted take place and should be taken into account.

Acceptance of non-assurance conditions

The user who purchases the Live tokens acts at their own risk and removes any obligations from the Live Stars platform. No explicit or implied warranties are received by the user with the crediting of tokens to his personal account. You agree with all the provisions and do not claim any intellectual property. However, many risks may not apply to you due to the fact that some jurisdictions allow to exclude or imply guarantees. We hope to take a worthy place among competitors, thanks to transparency and the introduction of innovative technologies.

If you are interested to invest with us. You can visit the official website below:

Live Stars : Here

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