CNA #4 — Gov. Chris Christie

Chris Christie is the governor of New Jersey. Prior to being a governor, Christie worked as an attorney. On January 2010, he became the 55th governor of New Jersey. The 54 year old was born in the city of Newark, a major city in the same state he governs. He attended Livingston High School. Christie then went on to earn a degree in the University of Delaware. He earned his masters degree in law through Seton Hall University School of Law. His wife Mary Pat is an investment banker in the states. She was born in Paoli, Pennsylvania. Christie was originally freeholder in Morris County, New Jersey. He inititated his career in the GOP, and eventually ran for higher positions in his state’s government. Christie lacked fear in the campaigns and competitions he faced. During George W. Bush’s campaign in 2000, Christie became one of Bush’s top fundraisers in bringing growth to the Bush campaign. He then was nominated by Bush to be the State of New Jersey’s United States Attorney. Although people doubted Chris Christie’s ability to be an attorney, he turned many heads and conquered many doubts. He took on some of the most serious cases and focused on ethics. Moving forward, Christie was selected to be the keynote speaker at the Republican Convention on August 28th, 2012. He mentioned various comments about the roots of where America came from and made his statement very people-focused. Various issues have rose that came to harm the state of New Jersey. Christie has faced enormous firefighting efforts and natural catastrophes. He has handled each one of the issues very well and the people of New Jersey would agree. He is currently on a war against drugs and has been making anti-addiction his main focus. There have been several heroine overdose cases lately and he is spearheading the problem aggresively. There has been a controversy about him running for president; however, Christie has mentioned his lack of interest in the position.

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